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Book in seconds on our website for same day service or schedule in advance. 



A massage therapist will come to your home, hotel or office in as little as an hour, or schedule in advance.



Have the very best spa quality massage delivered to you. 



Book whenever you like, 8am to 11pm, 365 days a year, and enjoy a 5-star experience every time.  

Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

A great way to find quick relief from stress, and recover from injuries and sprains.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxing message to get away from your hectic and often stressful routine.

Sports Massage

A sports massage to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote better physical and mental relaxation.

Head Massage

Relaxing head massage to unload stress and in an atmosphere you like.

Are you looking for a way to get away from the daily stresses of the busy London life?
Want to find some relief and relaxation in the comfort of your home, office or hotel room?

Book your massage now in a few simple steps. 

Mobile Massage London

The Zyona platform offers superior professional mobile massages in London.  For those seeking the best-in-class massage, available in the local area, then Zyona caters for both London residents and visitors.  You don’t have to worry about security and safety when you book with Zyona.  All therapists are fully qualified, security checked and extremely knowledgeable in their art.

The benefits of getting a mobile massage

Whether you are a massage newbie or regularly treat yourself to a relaxing treatment, there are so many reasons why adding a mobile massage to your routine makes sense. Wherever you reside in London, a Zyona massage will make you feel like a million dollars:

We come to you

Forget having to fight with London traffic.  Travelling across the city can take its toll, which is why we travel to you. Your massage therapist will arrive at your address within an hour of you making the booking.

Personalise your massage

You are in control so decide how and where you want your massage delivered. Before your masseur arrives, personalise the space by adding candles, incense, music or anything else that helps you to chill out.

Relax after your massage

Once your massage is over, you can stay where you are, enjoying the post-massage dreamy period. Let your mind drift and your body relax, gradually becoming alert when you want to and not because you have to.

Book when you want

The great thing about a Zyona massage is you don’t need to book in advance. Simply choose a massage therapist, book online and they’ll be with you in under an hour! You get a massage when you want it without fuss or stress.

Join the network 

We are always happy to invite professional mobile massage therapists to join the Zyona platform. If you want to work as a massage therapist, then your search for “massage therapist jobs” ends here with us!


What is mobile massage?

A massage is ‘mobile’ when the therapist visits the client at a place of their choosing. This could be at home, work or even in a hotel room.

What is home massage?

Home massage is much the same as a mobile message as the therapist will visit the client at their home.  The client chooses the date and time.

What is Swedish massage?

A traditional Swedish massage involves the therapist performing a variety of specialist massage strokes upon the body. As they warm up the muscles, tension is released and any ‘knots’ caused by stress are removed.

What is Deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage connects with musculoskeletal areas of the body. Your therapist will use deep pressure and slow strokes to help with strains and even sports injuries. It is a good choice if you have pain deep within the muscles, nerves and connective tissue.

What is the difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage? 

Whilst a Swedish massage involves light pressure to provide gentle relaxation, deep tissue massage is more forceful.  Firm pressure will be used to release tension deep within the body’s muscles and connective tissues.