Aromatherapy Massage in London

Aromatherapy Mobile Massage in London

A full body aromatherapy massage is a healing and relaxation technique which combines the pleasing, therapeutic properties of essential oils with the healing and wellbeing-promoting power of a full-body massage.

Aromatherapy massage therapy – Holistic Healing for the Mind & Body

These natural essential oils which are derived from health-promoting flower, seeds, plants, fruits and more, offer amazing therapeutic qualities. When combined with the physiological benefits of a relaxing Swedish massage, pressure point and reflexology techniques and lymphatic drainage, the mind and body’s natural balance can be restored. 

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage to Relax, Re-energise and Recharge

During your relaxing aromatherapy massage, our therapist will blend a variety of essential oils to tailor the treatment for you. Depending on your relaxation needs, these oils can be blended to either release muscular tension or simply help you feel at ease through a heavenly aromatic experience. 

An aroma body massage is highly recommended for anyone who’s suffering from stress, anxiety, sleep problems or jet lag. The full body aromatherapy massage also helps to relax the body in a way that not only improves digestion and overall health but also helps you cope better with stress and anxiety. Lymphatic drainage techniques are also used to detoxify the body, relieve fluid retention and stimulate better blood circulation. 

Relaxing aromatherapy massage – Choose the Essential Oil to suit your mood

Our relaxing aromatherapy body massage can be customised in order to have a variety of positive effects. For instance, rosemary and ylang-ylang essential oils are known for provided a very rejuvenating and mood elevating effect. Lavender and chamomile essential oils are known for their relaxing properties, while heart-warming ginger and juniper essential oils are especially beneficial for relaxing muscles that have been subjected to too much fatigue and over-exertion. A skin-nourishing blend of jojoba, almond and avocado oils combined with bergamot, palmarosa and lavender essential pols creates an amazingly calming effect which soothes the mind. So many wonderful possibilities with a relaxing aromatherapy massage!

Aroma Body Massage – Out with the Negative, in with the Positive!

If you’ve never experienced aromatherapy massage therapy, then consider this: a gentle and therapeutic Swedish massage combined with a bespoke essential oil blend to improve symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia, and provide relieve from PMS, chronic pain and more – even helping expectant mothers find relief from pregnancy-related ailments. 

Inhaling essential oils while getting a relaxing aromatherapy message has been known the benefit the limbic system in the body – a part of the brain which controls the central nervous system. It’s one of the most powerful areas of the human mind and can trigger long lost memories and highly positive feelings. 

Whether you’re looking to find relief from depression, anxiety, pregnancy-related stress, post-traumatic stress, psychosomatic issues or a range of stress-related symptoms – a relaxing aromatherapy message can work wonders to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Talk to our full body aromatherapy massage therapist today who will choose the most suitable essential oils for your massage treatment. 

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