Boost your immune system with a massage at home

Mobile Massage in London by Zyona

With the Covid-19 virus still with us, there is no better preventative method than to boost your immune system with a home massage

The health benefits of massage

Massage is known to boost the immune systems as well as helping with stress and anxiety, headaches and digestive disorders, as well as aches and pains. By improving circulation within the body, it improves tissue quality; aiding bodily functions and making you feel a whole lot better. Because it relieves pain, this affects the immune response; pain has a negative immunosuppressive effect, so, once removed, the body is more able to fight infections, including viruses. Clinical research also suggests that massage improves the immune system’s ability to kill certain problematic cells. Cancer would be a good example of this. Massage even increases levels of serotonin in the body as well as the production of infection and disease-fighting cells. This occurs because the lymph and blood vascular systems are given a boost.

Even one massage makes a difference

People experiencing just one massage session have been shown to benefit from changes in their immune and endocrine responses. For instance, if you decide to have a Swedish massage, there is going to be an immediate positive reaction by the body. By making massage a regular part of your healthy lifestyle, you are not only benefitting your mind but the body’s physical status too.

If we look at the Coronavirus, we know that those with a fully functioning immune system are going to cope much better, whether dealing with the effect of the virus or avoiding it altogether. It makes sense that because the immune system is strengthened by massage, it may reduce the risk of being infected by Coronavirus.

Book your mobile massage today, at home, work or some other suitable location and provide your body and mind with a fantastic boost.

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