Can I get a mobile massage at my home or office?

Mobile massage in London Zyona

You no longer have to travel across the city to get a massage.  It is now possible to pick up the phone, speak to a professional therapist and get a mobile massage at your address in London within an hour.  They will happily travel to your home, office or even hotel room, providing you with all the benefits of a professional massage without any of the travelling stress.

How do I prepare for my massage?

Your therapist makes it easy for you.  Simply leave space for a massage bed (if used) or have a bed ready or even a comfortable place on the floor.  You decide how you want the massage to be. Set the heating at a temperature that suits you so that you won’t be too hot or cold.  Your massage therapist will bring everything with them, including towels and oils.

It’s a good idea to have a shower or bath before your massage, although we realise this may not be possible at the office. This helps relax the muscles in advance of the massage being carried out.  Pull the blind or the curtains so that you have sufficient privacy if you are in an office shared with others. Depending upon your location, play your favourite music to relax and light candles or incense.

What do I wear for my massage?

When your masseur arrives, they will get prepared, leaving you to undress in private. Once completed, they will leave the room again so that you can wake up gently and dress without having to rush. We recommend leaving your underwear on and you can wear a robe or towel if you feel more comfortable. For a head massage, you can remain fully clothed.

Should you have any special requests regarding your massage treatment, please discuss these with the therapist when booking your appointment. They will then ensure that the chosen massage is tailored to suit your needs.

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