Combat home working monotony with a massage

Mobile Massage in London by Zyona

With so many of us now working from home, it can be hard to deal with the monotony and the removal of working life socialisation from your routine. One great way of staving off boredom and giving your body and mind a much-needed boost is a massage at home. With the possibility of home-working being here to stay, we look at how a professional massage can help.

The trials and tribulations of home working

Many do not have the luxury of a specific home office, as homes are not designed to accommodate everyday working. Workstations have been created with limited space and equipment.  The usual routine of home life has been disrupted and work/life boundaries tested. Isolation from colleagues has been difficult to get used to, with all of these elements undermining general health and mental wellbeing. Add into this poor posture due to working from the sofa or even bed and you have a real mixing pot of related damage.

Massage to the rescue

Massage therapy, now available at home, helps to improve productivity whilst safeguarding employee wellbeing. A home massage helps to deflect stress, bringing with it relief from tension, headaches, pain and discomfort. Regular massages help to deal with the stress that accumulates over time, particularly in the upper part of the body – neck and shoulders. A mobile massage at home makes this type of therapy convenient and affordable for all. You don’t need much space, with a living room, bedroom or even conservatory sufficing. Your masseur will come fully prepared so all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

In line with Covid-19 precautions, your therapist will maintain high standards of hygiene, using a facemask, clean linen and sanitised equipment for each appointment.

Book your mobile massage today, at home, work or some other suitable location and provide your body and mind with a fantastic boost.

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