Deep Tissue Massage in London

Deep Tissue Mobile Massage in London

A home deep tissue massage incorporates techniques which are applied to virtually every muscle group in the body to help ease pain, strains, and stress, and smooth out any muscular knots which may be causing discomfort.

Home Deep Tissue Massage – Feel Renewed and Stress-free

This is why deep tissue massage therapy has become so popular when it comes relieving pain and discomfort around key stress areas such as the lower back and hips, neck and shoulders, and ankles. 

Our mobile deep tissue massage therapist will apply firmer pressure to make you feel calm, rejuvenated and nearly pain free. During the massage, you will feel varying degrees of pressure around key muscle and tendon areas to help you feel looser, calmer and more at ease. It might be just what you need, since many of us work either sitting down at a desk all day or standing up for hours. It’s the perfect way to get rid of those annoying strains brought on by knots and pulls in various muscles. 

Deep Tissue Massage Home Service – Healing and Relaxation at your Home

Deep tissue massage therapy is ideal not just for ‘everyday folks’ but anyone who has experienced muscular aches, pains and strains. For this reason, athletes, sportspeople or those involved in vigorous physical training often get a mobile deep tissue massage to find relief from the after effects of intense physical labour. 

Our home deep tissue massage therapist will first use gentle and steady strokes, while applying firm pressure to ‘disrupt’ and wake up the deep layers of muscles, as well as the surrounding connective tissues and tendons. They will then apply light pressure to fully warm up the muscles, after which firmer and deeper pressure is applied using the knuckles, thumbs, elbow and forearm. 

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy – The Benefits

Much like other types of massages, a home deep tissue massage offers many benefits such as relief from chronic aches and pains. In fact, deep tissue massage therapy is frequently prescribed by sports medicine doctors to help athletes and physically active people find relief from pain, strains and distress in the upper and lower back, legs, hips, shoulders and neck. 

Deep tissue massages can even lower blood pressure and can be used as part of an existing holistic treatment to reduce and manage hypertension. It’s known to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and can even relieve psychological stress. 

Mobile deep tissue massage – Find Fast Relief Today

If you’re looking for a “mobile deep tissue massage near me”, then all you need to do is get in touch with our therapist. Choose a time and place, and they will be at your doorstep within 60 minutes or less!

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