Elevate your mood with a London-based massage

London-based mobile massage Zyona

Massage doesn’t only relax your body but it also elevates your mood.  Getting a London-based massage makes sense if you are looking to say goodbye to stress and say hello to feeling happy again. If you have been feeling down in the dumps, wondering where you can find a ‘mobile massage near me’, then we have the solution; a mobile massage in London where the therapist comes to you.  Simply pick your chosen masseur, make a phone call and wait for the knock on your door within an hour.

Why does massage elevate your mood?

Massage fights negative stress hormones whilst boosting the very valuable feel-good neurotransmitters.  By adding a massage in London to your routine, you can treat your body and mind to a welcome reprieve from the stresses and strains that come from daily living. 

Massage weakens the effect of the sympathetic nervous system whilst strengthening the parasympathetic:

  • Sympathetic – This one kicks in if you feel under threat.  In the Stone Age, this might have been attack by a dinosaur; nowadays it is something far less scary, such as worries about work, health or relationships.  
  • Parasympathetic – This is the one that makes your breathing regular, energy levels go back to normal and feelings of stress dissipate. 

The cuddle hormone and massage

Whilst this is happening, a magical hormone called oxytocin is simultaneously released into the body.  Often referred to as the ‘cuddle hormone’ it is released during childbirth, sex and when getting a hug!  The professional touch of your masseur causes the levels of oxytocin in the body to increase.  These days when elbow taps have replaced hugging, this is a wonderful reason to have a massage in London. 

Pick up the phone today and book your mood elevating massage.  Your body and mind will benefit in so many ways.

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