Jet Lag Massage in London

Jet Lag Mobile Massage in London

Whether you’ve just landed in the beautiful city of London or are planning to depart on a long trip with different time zones – travelling can bring its own stresses, pains and aches. Among them is jet lag, but luckily, our jet lag massage London therapist will help you reset your body clock through a deep and relaxing massage. 

Jet Lag Massage in London – Reset your Body Clock

Perhaps you’re back after a long overseas trip or planning to go on a much needed globe-trotting adventure. No matter, our massage therapy for jet lag is just the ticket! It will get you nicely relaxed for your travels or help you unwind after you have returned – by loosening up those stress-prone joints in the neck, back and shoulders – all the while boosting circulation and helping you feel relaxed. 

London Jet Lag Massage Therapist to get you ‘back in the zone’

Many folks across the city are taking advantage of a jet lag massage in London to help reduce fatigue and improve circulation, to readjust their body clock with the new time zone. After a long flight, your mind and body can feel uncomfortable and ‘out of it’ for several days on end. 

Our massage for jet lag encourages the body to rebalance and re-tune itself where we perform massages in a specific way to reactivate the hypophyses in the body which produces melatonin – the key hormone responsible for maintaining a regular sleep/wake cycle. And, by applying gentle pressure on acupuncture points, your energy meridians are regenerated, improving blood circulation and promoting muscle relaxation. 

Massage Therapy for Jet Lag

It’s time to invigorate and refresh the body to reduce pre and post-flight fatigue. One of the ways through which out London jet lag massage therapist achieves this is by stimulating the nervous system along the spine. An invigorating scrub and refreshing back cleanse, combined with a soothing massage and hydrating massage is all you need to reset your body clock. 

Massage for Jet Lag – Therapists who truly understand your needs

Jet lag can be a very annoying condition to deal with, which you probably understand too well if you’ve recently returned to London from an overseas trip. However, it’s important to prepare the mind and body just as well before flying to a different time zone so that the subsequent effects of jet lag can be reduced as much as possible. 

Aside from getting a fantastic jet lag massage in London, we’d also recommend the following:

  • Stay hydrated before and throughout the flight
  • Drink natural fruit juice to maintain healthy sugar levels (avoid processed drinks)
  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake as much as possible
  • Don’t take sleeping pills on the flight

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