Top 5 mobile massages in London

If you are looking for a massage in London but have no idea where to look for the best quality, we can help.  When seeking a ‘mobile massage near me’ it is essential that you find a therapist that is qualified, Covid safe and able to visit you in your home, office or hotel room.  This saves you having to travel and, because you are in your environment, you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

To help you choose wisely, here is our list of the top five massages in London:

1-Swedish Massage  

Incredibly popular with people of all ages, this traditional massage gently works the whole body with the masseur using specialist techniques. If you are new to massage, this is a good place to start.

2-Deep Tissue Massage  

Similar to a sports massage, this one gets down deep, targeting the muscles and connective tissue.  If you suffer from chronic pain, work out at the gym, or play sport, this is a good way of keeping your muscles loose and easing discomfort.

3-Aromatherapy Massage  

If you like the idea of combining a wonderfully relaxing massage with powerful essential oils, then this is the one to choose.  The massage therapist will select the most suitable plant essence to suit your needs and then combine it with oil.  Enjoy as it penetrates the skin and you inhale the wonderful aroma.

4-Head Massage   

If you need to de-stress but don’t have time for a full body massage, the head massage is for you. Feel the tension evaporating as the masseur focuses on your head, neck and shoulders. 

5-Holistic Massage

Some massages treat the whole person, and a holistic massage works on the body and mind. Discuss your problems and feelings and let the therapist get to work, re-balancing everything physically and mentally.

Make a phone call now to experience one of these top five mobile massages in London.  Your masseur will arrive at your door in under 1 hr. 

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