Why you should treat yourself to a massage

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Gone are the days when treating yourself to a massage was a rarity, preserved for those special occasions when you could afford it.  Research has shown that a massage can benefit our body and mind in so many ways that it is now considered an essential part of every person’s wellness routine.  Let’s look at the many reasons why you should treat yourself to a massage.

Whether you spend your day bent over a desk, punching away at a computer or on your feet, dealing with an influx of customers, your body is going to feel the strain. Tension rears its head in the neck and shoulders and legs and feet begin to throb. Add into this the general emotional toil thrown at us by our jobs and the nervous system also begins to suffer.

The good news is that massage can help with all of these issues and more.

Keep your heart healthy

Studies have shown that a professional massage improves heart health. Even a short head massage with you sitting in a chair lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Whether you suffer from hypertension or not, use a massage to lower your blood pressure for as much as 72 hours afterwards.

Calm your mind

With your room prepped by you, complete with soothing music, candles and incense, it’s easy to see how a massage can soothe the mind. Particularly suitable is an aromatherapy massage where the therapist uses oils infused with natural essences. Massage reduces the amount of the stress hormone, (cortisol), in the body by as much as 30%, increasing levels of feel-good serotonin at the same time by up to 28%.  Book this type of massage if you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression.

Boost your immune system

Whether amid a pandemic or not, massage is a great way of boosting the immune system. It does this by increasing the number of white blood cells, the body’s disease warriors. Less stress in the body also makes us less exposed to infection, speeding up the passage of lymph through the body and improving the immune response. For those feeling low in energy, maybe recovering from a virus, a massage can help.

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