London’s Elite Mobile Massage Platform


Mobile Swedish Massage in London by Zyona

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is incredibly popular with clients because it is dual purpose, being both energizing and relaxing. Your expert masseur will use a mix of long, soft kneading strokes combined with light rhythmic tapping strokes on the top layer of skin. Add in the gentle movement of joints and you have the perfect way of releasing tension in muscles.

Mobile Relaxation Massage in London by Zyona

Relaxation Massage

For those seeking complete relaxation, then this is the massage to opt for. If you don’t have any specific pain in your muscles but purely want to feel chilled out, this treatment is perfect. Your therapist will use light pressure to rub and stroke your skin. The procedure is so effective that many clients find themselves falling asleep.

Mobile Deep Tissue Massage in London by Zyona

Deep Tissue Massage

The name says it all as this massage goes deep into the body tissue.  By applying firm pressure and long slow strokes, your masseur will get down to the underlying layers of muscle and connective tissue. This is a particularly good choice if you have long-term pain in the body around key areas like the shoulders, neck, upper, lower back, and even legs.

Mobile Jet lag Massage in London by Zyona

Jet Lag Massage

Combine the negative effects of jet lag with sitting in a plane for many hours and you can see why a jet lag massage sound like an attractive proposition. The jet lag massage offered by your therapist will remove all stiffness and stress.  You will receive an invigorating and refreshing back scrub and cleanse combined with an energy-boosting massage.  The focus will be on any key spots in the body where you are experiencing pain or stiffness. 

Mobile Aromatherapy Massage in London by Zyona

Aromatherapy Massage

Nothing says ‘relaxation’ more than a full body massage with high-quality aromatherapy oils and lotions. Our range includes all of the popular favourites derived from concentrated plant oils. Whilst your body is benefitting from the wonderful massage your senses are heightened as you inhale the essential oils, simultaneously absorbing them via the skin.

Mobile Head Massage in London by Zyona

Head Massage

Indian head massage is an age-old treatment that has been around for centuries. Focused on the head, neck and shoulders, your therapist will use a mix of specialist techniques to alleviate stress and tension.  As the scalp is massaged, nerves and blood vessels are stimulated as muscles relax. This is great to try after a hard day at work, being both invigorating and relaxing

Mobile Holistic Massage in London by Zyona

Holistic Massage

Termed a holistic massage because it affects the person as a whole, rather than just one specific area, the technique is incredibly nurturing. Your therapist will tailor the massage to suit your individual needs, including your personality, physical and mental characteristics. If you are suffering from a particular problem, such as stress or depression, this will be the focus of the massage.

Mobile Sport Massage in London by Zyona

Sports Massage

You don’t have to play sport to benefit from this form of massage.  An incredibly deep form of tissue manipulation, your therapist will combine a whole mix of techniques, depending upon your specific needs.  Kneading, wringing and effleurage (repeated circular movements) will be used to relax the muscular-skeletal system, focusing on any areas where you may have particular problems.

Mobile CBD Massage in London by Zyona

CBD Massage

CBD oil has all of the benefits of the cannabis plant without any of the negatives. It is made by removing only the CBD from the plant and then adding it to an oil, such as hemp or coconut. Used in a variety of ways by people looking to improve their health, adding the oil to massage results in a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment. If you seek deep relaxation, there is no better choice. The oil helps with muscular pain, injuries, skin hydration and general pain relief.