Head Massage

You have a problem with

A head massage helps to relieve stress and anxiety, depression, fatigue and problems with sleeping. 

Massage benefits

This type of Indian head massage provides many benefits, helping with:

  • Headaches and tension
  • Joint mobility in neck and shoulders
  • Blood circulation
  • Lymphatic flow
  • Relaxation of connective tissue
  • Elimination of toxins

Why we recommend

Indian head massage is an age-old treatment that has been around for centuries. Focused on the head, neck and shoulders, your therapist will use a mix of specialist techniques to alleviate stress and tension.  As the scalp is massaged, nerves and blood vessels are stimulated as muscles relax. This is great to try after a hard day at work, being both invigorating and relaxing.

About your massage

This very special process is normally applied whilst the client sits comfortably in a chair. As the treatment progresses, the activity of the mind will gradually slow. You may begin to notice your breathing slowing down as a sense of peace and tranquillity replaces any stress that was previously present.  Your head massage therapist will use a range of movements, such as stroking and kneading with light compression applied to key areas (as with acupuncture).