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This type of massage, often referred to as ‘Indian Head Massage’, is based upon the Ayurvedic alternative medicine system from India.  It has been around for thousands of years and is incredibly popular with many seeking relaxation and pain relief. Your therapist will use a form of acupressure massage to remove stress and tension that has built up in the joints, muscles and tissues of the shoulders, neck, face and head.  The idea is to refresh and rebalance the energy of the body.  

This very special process is normally applied whilst the client sits comfortably in a chair. As the treatment progresses, the activity of the mind will gradually slow. You may begin to notice your breathing slowing down as a sense of peace and tranquillity replaces any stress that was previously present.  Your head massage therapist will use a range of movements, such as stroking and kneading with light compression applied to key areas (as with acupuncture).  This type of Indian head massage helps with:

  • Headaches and tension
  • Joint mobility in neck and shoulders
  • Blood circulation
  • Lymphatic flow
  • Relaxation of connective tissue
  • Elimination of toxins

Clients also find that a head massage helps to relieve stress and anxiety, depression, fatigue and problems with sleeping.