Sports Massage

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You don’t have to play sport to benefit from this form of massage. A sports massage helps loosen up the connective tissue within the body i.e. skin, muscles and ligaments. 

Massage benefits

The benefits of Swedish massage are many, and include:

  • Release of muscular tension
  • Accelerating recovery after injury
  • Improvement of body posture
  • Increase in muscle flexibility
  • Relief of back pain, sciatica and general muscle aches
  • Encouragement of mental and physical relaxation
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Stimulating mental alertness
  • Aiding a positive attitude

Why we recommend

This is a great way of rebalancing and correcting problems caused by physical activity or trauma.  People that do get involved in sport find this type of sports massage particularly beneficial just before or after exercise.  If you are recovering from an injury or merely want to give your body a treat after a workout in the gym or a hard day at work, a sports massage can help.

About your massage

An incredibly deep form of tissue manipulation, your therapist will combine a whole mix of techniques, depending upon your specific needs.  Kneading, wringing and effleurage (repeated circular movements) will be used to relax the muscular-skeletal system, focusing on any areas where you may have particular problems.