Swedish Massage

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Clients that choose a Swedish massage are generally looking for a way of soothing sore muscles and boosting their feeling of wellbeing. 

Massage benefits

The benefits of Swedish massage are many, and include:

  • Reducing muscular strain by flushing out toxins
  • Improving circulation of blood
  • Keeping tendons and ligaments supply, improving the area of motion
  • Reducing stress, both physical and emotional
  • Relieving general and chronic pain
Mobile Swedish Massage in London by Zyona

Why we recommend

Swedish massage is incredibly popular with clients because it is dual purpose, being both energizing and relaxing. Your expert masseur will use a mix of long, soft kneading strokes combined with light rhythmic tapping strokes on the top layer of skin. Add in the gentle movement of joints and you have the perfect way of releasing tension in muscles.

About your massage

You should think of Swedish massage as a total body treatment, working on not only the soft tissue but muscles too.  Your therapist aims to create a calming and balancing of the nervous system. The specific Swedish massage techniques used will boost circulation whilst making you feel a lot more relaxed.